Prayer & Fellowship

The worship we offer in church on Sundays is undergirded by regular meetings for informal prayer and fellowship. The first Christians “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  (Acts 2,42).These are some of the ways by which we nourish and sustain our individual and collective lives.

There are prayer groups in the parishes of Bletchingdon, Chesterton, and Middleton Stoney. Do feel free to come along.

  • The Middleton Stoney prayer group meets every Monday at 9.00 am at Foot Lodge, School Lane. Tel Jen Hudson for further info: 01869 343225
  • The Bletchingdon prayer group meets every Tuesday at 8.45 am in the Village Hall. Tel Judith Ledger for further info: 01869 351542
  • The Chesterton prayer group meets every Wednesday at 10.00 am in St Mary’s Church. Tel Philip Clarke for further info: 01869 243993
  • Mums’ Group: A group of mums with small children meets informally for chat, friendship and prayer. For times and places contact Gemma Maybank : 07765 104253
  • Circle 88 is an ecumenical fellowship group that meets once a month in Weston on the Green. Tel Julia White for further info: 01869 350723.

Other fellowship and study groups meet occasionally. More information from the Ministry Team.

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