Sermon catch-up

Here you will find sermons preached in the benefice which are of particular interest.

Each file is in pdf format and can either be read on-line, or downloaded to your computer. Click on the word ‘Read’ by the item you select.

Also click in a link, to be able to access the recording of a particular sermon. You can play it or download it as well.

How to read the Bible better

Kevin Lovell, a new member of the Akeman Benefice Ministry Team at Wendlebury, spoke about How to read the Bible better. Click here to listen the sermon.

Living in Grace

Kirsten Holmes, a member of the choir at Kirtlington, spoke from her heart at the United Benefice Service.  Read

Understanding the Exodus events

Dr Philip Allen, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London looks with a scientist’s eye at the Exodus account of the plagues and concludes that it makes sense.  A sermon preached at Middleton Stoney.  Read

Stewardship of Creation

Michael Morecroft has worked for 25 years in environmental science and nature conservation and has a passion for the relationship between Christian faith and the care of creation.  He preached on this topic at the United Benefice Service at Chesterton.  Read

Reflections after a Pilgrimage to Israel

Paul and Joanna Clifford joined Bishop John Pritchard and others on a pilgrimage to Israel. At the United Benefice Service, Paul shared his reflections on the situation in that troubled land.  Read