Prayer Spaces

Prayer Spaces in Bletchingdon School this term will be on an Easter theme, and we will be following through the events of that week, in the garden of Gesthemane, at the foot of the cross, then thinking about the implications of the resurrection, and the great commission to go out and tell the good news… in Bletchingdon. It will be during Holy Week itself, on 27th and 28th March.

Prayer Spaces are wonderful to be part of, for the helpers as well as the children. Do find out about it, if you haven’t helped before, by emailing Joanna on

To give you inspiration, here is a description of the last Prayer Spaces, in Kirtlington, during Advent…

The children were all invited to think afresh about the story of the first Christmas.

At the scene of the Annunciation, we thought about Gabriel’s statement that “Nothing is impossible with God”, and reflected on the apparently insoluble problems across the world, by writing them on a ‘feather’ and attaching it to Gabriel’s wing.

In the stable of the nativity we were reminded that Joseph and Mary were turned away from places and thought about times when we have rejected other people by not playing with them or being kind. This was a place to say sorry and think about God’s forgiveness and new start.

On the dark hillside, (inside an exciting black tent with fairy lights) the sky shone with the angels appearing to the shepherds, sending them to the stable, so we thought about how God guides and leads us. We prayed ‘please’ prayers for his help for us, by decorating a star.

The gifts brought by the wise men were our last theme: a time to thank God for gifts he gives to each of us, by modelling in playdo.

A few comments from the children:
“I like the feathers because you can talk about what you are upset about in the world without actually talking”
“I liked it because it was a time to say sorry and to think about countries that aren’t as lucky as us”
“I liked the sand because it helped me to remember not to be worried”
“I liked the stable especially because it helped you get things off your chest”

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Kirtlington prayer spaces 2017 comments 1

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