Messy Church


Messy Church has had to be suspended for the moment. Families have instead been sent activities from Messy Church at Home. Do have a look at it: it’s bursting with creative ideas and reflections for families to do together.

In the new year the team will look to see whether a new form of Messy church might be possible – Muddy Church, Mossy Church, or some other form, maybe? Please let Joanna know if you are interested,

Our new look Messy Church team has produced some amazing activities. The 2019-20 Messy Church season started with a fizz-pop as we made our own frying pans out of paper and then successfully cooked pancakes over a flame, without burning the church down! Jesus’ disciples ate with him at Emmaus (although probably not pancakes) but they did not recognise him, because they thought he was dead and weren’t expecting him. We thought about not realising that Jesus has been with us and then discovering that he was there all the time.

Our last one in 2019 was an Advent-ure, and certainly those who dared to clamber under the camouflage netting, over the chairs, and through the tunnels, wearing protective hard hats, were being very adventurous. The helium balloon stars were possibly easier to follow than the star followed by the wise men, but did not lead us as far, just up the nave of the church in fact. We thought about following, stars, and getting ready for Christmas. A wonderful Christmas feast rounded off a happy afternoon.


So… what will 2020 bring? Watch this space for news!


What is Messy Church?

Messy Church is a nation-wide movement of people meeting together to enjoy being creative and to celebrate the Creator in an informal gathering, where it is fun to be messy.

Who is it for?

Messy Church is for all ages, though it mainly appeals to families. Adults join in and have as good a time as the children! You don’t have to be ‘churchy’ – in fact, Messy Church was established for those who didn’t see themselves as church-goers at all. We welcome everybody, and everybody should feel at home with us. In the Akeman Benefice it is for those who live in one of the 7 villages, or their friends. Our only restriction is that children need to come with an adult: Messy Church is not a child-minding service or a “Sunday School”. And we don’t want adults to miss out on the messy activities!

What happens?

From 4pm people arrive, and join in the crafts. These are on the theme of the day: a Bible story or an idea.

4.45 – 5pm is celebration time, with the story, some singing, and prayer. It is inter-active and lively.

5pm – 5.30, the celebration continues with food, eg a baked potato, baked beans and salad, or pasta bake.

Then it’s time to go home with the crafts you’ve made, and, for the team running it, to clear up and collapse…

Where and when does it happen?

Messy church takes place in Kirtlington Church, once a month, on the fourth Sunday, between 4 and 5.30pm.

Does it cost?

No, you don’t have to pay to get in. Just turn up and enjoy yourself! We do ask for a donation towards the cost of the food and resources (suggested £2 per person,) but that is up to you entirely.

Is my child too young, or too old?

We try to have activities that suit all ages. There is a play area and always plenty of picture books for littlies. Teenagers are surprised to find that they enjoy themselves, too!