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Archives for March 2018

From The Rev’d Brian Wood

Brian Wood

We may crave restfulness and peace of mind, and one day we will all be at peace. Meantime we may agitate about this and/or that while giving thanks that we are quietly and Godly governed. Can you imagine living in Syria? Or Saudi Arabia, or … (better stop there, it could be a long list …)? Or you wish to live in some earthly paradise or another? Well, friends, we do! As I write this on the day after Mother’s Day/ Mothering Sunday (call it what you will), I hear my mother ‘Count your blessings; there’s worse things happen at sea.’ My mum came from Scarborough and they did. People would go out to catch fish and not come back – something to contemplate perhaps in relation to Brexit and the hoped-for return of fishing waters (Sea Sunday comes up on 8th July).


Meanwhile, Easter, 1 April- surely some joke? Jesus, the ultimate April Fool. As I write this on the day it is announced that the great comedian Ken Dodd has died we may think of the tears and happinesses brought to us by those whom we love and have loved us; Jesus who died that we might live, and live life to the full. Jesus’s story, echoed by Ken Dodd, tells us that death is not the end; memories and more linger on. We have stories, including jokes, handed down to us through the generations; and we have genetic and behavioural inheritances too. So, a good time to think of our mothers and fathers and theirs, our brothers and sisters, children, friends and neighbours – don’t you just love ’em? … 😉 and give thanks.

A time when impatiently we can look forward to Spring heading into Summer. Don’t wish time away. Make the most of today, and every day (for one day it will be the last and too late – and sure as night follows day, autumn and winter come round soon enough again). I have just returned from a ‘retreat’- a few days away in the mid-Devon countryside to think, and not think. I come back ‘advanced’- refocused on ‘what’s important round here?’ I am Brian and I must be and do the things that only I can be or do. God in collaboration with humans made each one of us- we are wonderfully made; what accidents of design and/or manufacture. Be yourself. I am replaying in my mind words of Bishop Colin at a retreat: God made and called you; not the person you think you should be; not the person you think someone else thinks you should be; you; the whole imperfect you.


Re-treat your self; have a wonderful and glorious Easter and the rest of your life.


Brian Wood